• Talent analysis

Talent analysis

By using three different personality questionnaires, I will mirror your characteristic talents in the most objective way possible. You will obtain a crystal clear view on your specific profile, in the form of scores on 27 different character traits. I will also show and explain to you how these influence each other and work together, as well as what your opportunities for further development are.

What is unique about the Talent analysis?
I combine three comprehensive and scientifically researched personality- and values questionnaires. These generate a very nuanced insight in your profile. There are no two people alike, so I do not use any general labels, categories or color indications.

The result

The outcome is strictly individual, very recognizable and has ‘depth’ and a certain stratification.

We will have a two-hour conversation about the results, in which you may take notes, record it if you like, and can also choose to have me make a full written report.
In any case you will receive the scores on the 27 different traits that we measured in a clear overview, accompanied by a list with the description of the different constructs.

Practical outcome

You will get immediate practical advice, which will give you confidence, direction and focus. Making choices will be easier, because now you have a supported understanding of your personal profile.


I work in a personal, professional, warm and respectful way.

You will receive my undivided attention and can always call on me for sparring or advice, even long after the analysis.

The questionnaires are available online. You can fill them out in your own time and pace.

Our conversation about the results can take place either in my home in Dwingeloo (Drenthe), a space from ‘het Coachhuis’ closer to you, or via Skype or otherwise online.


The Talent analysis can be used for many different purposes. It makes an excellent foundation for, or addition to, any job- or career coaching process, and can also be used for personal development, training and education.

More information about the questionnaires

The questionnaires in the Talent analysis are the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS), and two scales to measure values, which are part of the SOSIE 2nd generation.

For detailed background information on the EPPS, you can click here. 

Information on the SOSIE 2nd generation, of which I use the last two parts to measure personal and interpersonal values, you will find here.