Intro in English

My name is Agnes Koegler. I am a psychologist (Labor & Organisation, Personality theory). My specialty is Talent analysis and career coaching. I work according to the guidelines of the NIP.
Well over 15 years ago, I started Koegler Consult.
My passion and expertise is focused on bringing people back to their natural talents and qualities and bring them out more fully in their work. I want to contribute to selfknowledge and -understanding, to enhance confidence and pleasure in work and study.

My clients are divers. The Talent analysis is a startingpoint and part of the curriculum to train coaches at Annet Brinkhuis Opleidingen, and several professional carreer- and personal coaches use the Talent analysis as part of their coaching proces. I advise people in organisations in matters of mobility, outplacement, reintegration, development, training and teambuilding. Also I like to work with students.
Of course anybody who wants to find out what kind of job or work-activity suits them best are very welcome!
I invite you to come and meet me for an exploratory conversation, even when your question is not completely clear yet. 
Just call me on: 0031-622210334
Speak to you soon!